25 Nov 20:14
22 Nov 17:59
van Lingen Fotografie
excellent rental company ... large selection ... reasonable prices ... reliable and good service
22 Nov 15:21
Martin Dimitrievski
Smooth experience with renting from Kamera express. I had a great interaction with the customer service and the rented equipment was well taken care of. Would rent again for my future projects.
21 Nov 15:47
Studio Click
Perfect service! Fast turnaround on pickup. Next time again with you 👌🏻
20 Nov 21:19
Super good, fast and friendly service and of course good equipment!
17 Nov 08:44
Reef Fotografie
16 Nov 21:24
de Zevende Republiek
15 Nov 23:20
Marc Bols
Staff is super customer friendly 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
15 Nov 19:54
Arties bv
My first rental went flawlessly. Extra effort was even made to answer my question very shortly after the event so that an appropriate solution could be found for my shoot. Very satisfied with the explanation, help and reminder phone call when picking up and returning the equipment.
10 Nov 14:17
Frédéric Avet
Nothing to comment on. Very friendly, material is fine, handling is very smooth.
08 Nov 18:06
Jacques Sars
Useful for courses and to try out some things. Good stuff, nice service !
06 Nov 18:59
Digna van der Wal
Creating an account was a piece of cake and so was reserving the lens. Then you are well and completely informed by e-mail and if you have a question you get an answer super fast. In 2 words: absolutely great!
06 Nov 17:08
Sebastiaan Rikkers
Arranged online and lens low few days ready for pickup. No complaining and fine arrangements.
06 Nov 16:37
Christiane Vleugels
What good and friendly service every time! Everything is thought of when renting a camera. Always a charger, extra battery and cf express card reader + card included so you don't run out. Great! Even if the product is not available, K.E. comes with a suitable alternative! Find it great from KE that one can rent at all before buying the expensive product. Keep up the good work
06 Nov 14:16
Kristèl van den Oudenrijn-Kamerbeek
05 Nov 18:13
Great service. When picking up was asked what the purpose was. Turned out I forgot to order part, was readily available.
03 Nov 13:47
Studio Marcel Veldman
30 Oct 20:44
Hans Blom
Ordering through website is quick and easy. Order was handled accurately and quickly. Equipment complete and in very good condition. Friendly and helpful staff.
30 Oct 16:25
Images & More
Wide selection and nice knowledgeable guys there in Amsterdam-Zuid. Fine service.
30 Oct 14:49
Ahmed Wali Mohamed
30 Oct 13:40
Elles van Bussel
Neat handling and processing of my application. Strong in your communication in tracking the rental request. Also nice that the lenses are even available on short notice and delivered on location! Renting becomes so very easy. I am very satisfied.
29 Oct 20:29
Matthias Guenther
Nice Camera, easy to rent, good price, excellent service, friendly people. Only choice of lenses was a bit limited, more high end lenses would be great.
29 Oct 19:29
EE Fotografie
Yesterday we shot another wedding with, among other things, two lenses rented through Budgetcam. We had to add another lens to the single lens we had already reserved on fairly short notice and that was no problem. Very nice! We have now used the services of Budgetcam many times and always to our satisfaction. The only point of improvement is that the lenses are sometimes delivered dirty and not always checked in advance whether they are ready to use again. This does not happen often but is a point of attention.
28 Oct 16:59
EW Karamoy
26 Oct 15:06

Average grade


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Kamera Express Rental scores an average of 9.7 out of 4294 reviews.

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