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Privacy policy

Privacy statement

Date: 04-05-2023

Version number: 2.4.1

In this privacy notice, we explain how we collect and use your personal information. This privacy notice applies to all of your personal information that we process when you rent from us, buy from us, visit our website or otherwise interact with us or use our services.

Budget Camera Rental B.V. treats the personal data of all users of its website and services confidentially. Your personal information is used to process requests as quickly and easily as possible and to improve our services. We only use your data for marketing purposes with your permission.

Who is responsible for my personal information?

This privacy statement applies to the processing of data by Budget Camera Rental B.V. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter "Budgetcam"). Budgetcam is the data controller and does not sell personal data to third parties.

What is stored?

The amount of data we collect depends on how you interact with us. For example, if you rent a camera from us, we ask you for more extensive personal data than if you only subscribe to our newsletter or visit our website.

Personal data used by situation:

  • Personal information such as name and address information, identification information such as a passport number and financial information you provide to us when renting or buying our products.
  • Information you provide when creating an account, such as your email address.
  • Data you provide when requesting products (for example, a newsletter) such as your email address.
  • Website usage data such as pages visited.
  • Data provided during an application process.

What will my personal data be used for?

Budgetcam uses your data for the following purposes and bases the processing on the stated basis.

How long will my data be kept?

Budgetcam keeps your data based on the following principles:

  • When you create a customer account, we save your data so you don't have to enter it over and over again. Inactive accounts (those that are no longer logged into) are deleted after 2 years.
  • When you have placed an order then Budgetcam keeps all data related to this order for a period of 7 years. We are required to do this by law.
  • Unconfirmed orders in your shopping cart (including any delivery addresses associated with this order) will be deleted after 7 days.

You can update your account information yourself by logging into our website.

What rights do I have?

You have the right to request information regarding your personal data at any time. If information is incorrect, incomplete or not applicable, you may request that this information be amended and/or deleted. You can make a request for retrieval, modification or deletion at info@budgetcam.nl.

In the case of a legal storage obligation, such as accounting regulations or other legal obligations, we cannot delete your data.

How is my data protected?

Budgetcam uses both technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. Sensitive information is stored encrypted and access controls to our locations are in place. Access to data is restricted to specific groups of employees.


Budgetcam uses cookies, which are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer. Thanks to cookies, you do not have to fill in your details every time and products are saved in your shopping basket. Cookies also help collect information that allows us to improve our website and services and make them more customer friendly, we also use cookies for marketing purposes. You can set your browser so that you do not receive cookies while shopping at budgetcam.co.uk. In that case, please note that the website will not function optimally.

Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function. No privacy-sensitive information is stored and therefore you cannot disable them. The cookies recognize you on your next visit and these store certain data. For example, these cookies may contain data about your shopping cart, language settings or about your login behavior.

Analytical cookies

We want to provide you with the best possible service, which is why we are constantly optimizing and perfecting our websites. Analytical Cookies are used to measure website statistics and the use of the website anonymously.

Tracking cookies

These cookies are placed to record your interests, so that both on and off the Budgetcam website, offers are presented that are in line with your interests. Also, Budgetcam may automatically stop showing you offers if you have already used them or have seen them several times. Without these cookies, there is a chance that you will see irrelevant ads from us more often.

You can disable the use of cookies in your browser, but this negatively affects the ease of use of the website.

The information that is collected is anonymized as much as possible.

Privacy Statement Changes

The Privacy Statement may be changed from time to time. Please check this page to see if any changes have been made.

Access, modify and delete your data

If you have any questions or want to know what personal data we have about you, you can always contact us. See the contact details below.

You have the following rights:

  • Get an explanation of what personal data we have and what we do with it
  • access to the exact personal data we have
  • having errors corrected
  • having outdated personal data deleted
  • revocation of consent
  • object to a particular use

Be sure to always clearly identify who you are so we can be sure we are not modifying or deleting data from the wrong person.

Filing a complaint

If you feel that we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to file a complaint with the regulator. This is called the Personal Data Authority.



Zamenhofstraat 108 unit 201

1022 AG Amsterdam, Nederland

E-mail: info@budgetcam.nl

Phone: 020 - 636 88 68 (local rate)

If you have further questions regarding our privacy policy, please email them to info@budgetcam.nl

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