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Test the Canon C70 for free, when you buy it. Then lease the C70 for 0% interest.

Canon EOS C70 | Try before you buy

01 October 2021 By Budgetcam Other

Canon, Kamera Express Rental and Kamera Express join forces. Lease the Canon C70 now and test it for free, when you buy the camera through our 'Try before you buy' promotion. Then buy the C70 with the 0% leasing program from Canon. 

The EOS C70 is the first in Canon's cinema lineup with an RF mount. The camera has a 4K super 35MM DGO sensor (Dual Gain Output) and shoots up to 4K 120fps in various codecs.

Because of the Dual Gain Output sensor, the C70 has an advertised dynamic range of up to 16 stops. This is possible because the DGO system combines two separate gain values for each photodiode on the sensor, reducing noise.

The camera is compact, lightweight and easy to use with Canon's simple menu interface and touch screen. In addition, the camera has a built-in ND filter, making the C70 perfect for run and gun shooters.

Why Canon Pro lease?

If you use the Canon C70 regularly and want to own the camera, leasing offers a number of advantages:

  • You always own your own equipment
  • Not a large chunk of your budget in one go
  • Equipment is tax deductible
  • After the lease period you can choose to keep the camera for a very small payment

Want to know more about Canon Pro lease? Then click here.

How does 'Try before you buy' work?

To be eligible for the discount you need the following: 

  1. Your Kamera Express Rental invoice
  2. Your identification so we know it's you and the order matches

Promotion Conditions

  1. Offer only redeemable in a Kamera Express store and not online
  2. Promotion only valid within 14 days after last rental day
  3. Discount is 1x the day price of the C70 incl VAT which is you can find on 
  4. The discount can only be used once.
  5. Combining multiple Kamera Express Rental invoices for the same product is not possible.

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